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Office of Business & Finance

Derrick Eugene Beck
Employee Position Title: Administrative Assistant
E-mail: derrick.beck@mvsu.edu (Preferred)

Marshell L Boyd
Employee Position Title: Manager of Admin Service
Office Address: 14000 Hwy 82 West
Itta Bena, MS 38941
Office Telephone: 662 2543770
E-mail: mlboyd@mvsu.edu (Preferred)

Wytavia C. Brown
Employee Position Title: Student A/R Supervisor
E-mail: wytavia.brown@mvsu.edu (Preferred)

Sheila L. Cobbs
Employee Position Title: Clerk/Business & Finance
E-mail: sheila.swinney@mvsu.edu (Preferred)

Rasheda D Henry
Employee Position Title: A/R Clerk

Ms. Linda F Hughes
Employee Position Title: Director Account & Budget
Office Address: Sutton Administration Building
Suite 309, Office 313
14000 Hwy 82 W #7265
Itta Bena, MS 38941-1400
Office Telephone: 662 2543310
Fax Number: 662 2547575
E-mail: lhughes@mvsu.edu (Preferred)

Carrie E Jones
Employee Position Title: Payroll Officer
E-mail: cejones@mvsu.edu (Preferred)

Jeremy De Ante Lockhart
Employee Position Title: Staff Accountant - Grants
E-mail: jlockhart568@gmail.com

Brittney Megan Manuel
Employee Position Title: Student Accounts Coordinator
E-mail: brittnii23@yahoo.com

Kenya M Milsap
Employee Position Title: A/P Travel Clerk
E-mail: kenya.milsap@mvsu.edu (Preferred)

Kimberly T Ray
Employee Position Title: Staff Accountant-Reconcilation

Willie Reginald Ryas
Employee Position Title: Final Leave Pay
E-mail: Willie.ryas@mvsu.edu

Mrs. Machelle Stockstill
Employee Position Title: Sr Accountant/Bursar
Office Address: 14000 Hwy 82 West
Box 7265
Itta Bena, MS 38941
United States of America
Office Telephone: 662 2543316
662 2543316
E-mail: stockstill@mvsu.edu (Preferred)

Evangeline Dunlap Tabor
Employee Position Title: Payroll Officer

Chivalian Shuncale Thomas
Employee Position Title: Cashier
E-mail: chivalianthomas@yahoo.com

Carrie Mae Williams
Employee Position Title: A/P Supervisor
E-mail: akadestiny@yahoo.com

Organizational Management

Charles E. Sanders
Employee Position Title: Instructor

Other Race Recruitment Ayers

Andrea Laqueda Moore
Employee Position Title: Admissions Counselor
E-mail: ms.cb95@gmail.com
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